Professional Mortgage Payment Service

Have your mortgage professionally managed FREE, while increasing your equity as much as 300% and greatly reduce the amount of interest paid cutting years off your mortgage.

Others charge rates between $395 to $500 dollars for a service like the Mortgage Manager, or 1% of the savings, as well as a monthly service fee. We are offering this service at no cost to you.

Many homeowners are happy to use our service because the Mortgage Manager is:

  • Automatic
  • Worry free
  • Works with all types of mortgages
  • Safe and regulated by the United States Federal Reserve
  • This service is also an ideal means for those that are in a bad financial situation to actually build up a hefty investment, too!

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Save thousands of dollars on your home’s mortgage! Have your existing loan without changing lenders serviced all at no cost to you. Join the many homeowners who are benefiting and saving big with this free service! Downloadable applications in pdf format are only clicks away.

Included below are simple directions on downloading this application to your computer for printing. You will need to have installed on your computer the Adobe Acrobat Reader or a similar product for viewing and printing the application. An Adobe Acrobat reader is available at no cost by clicking the link below.

If you currently have a pdf file reader such as Adobe Acrobat, please click here or the image above to the left to download a .pdf file version of this application for printing.

If you do not have a pdf file reader and need to obtain one or to update your free Adobe Acrobat portable document format reader click here.  After downloading and installing your pdf file reader reload this page and click the above link to download your application.

For those with access to a fax machine dialing 1-888-265-4266 will deliver an application instantly using our free Fax On Demand Service that’s available 24hrs dailey, 7 days weekly. Simply enter your fax number when prompted.

Carefully follow the instructions then mail your completed application to the address given. Act now by taking advantage of this very special offer using any of the convenient options available.

Client Comments

  • Fred Perry

    "Keep up the excellent work. Best. Product. Ever! I could probably go into sales for you."

    Fred Perry

  • Tucows

    "When it comes to saving money any information is usually welcome....If you are looking for a way to save money on your mortgage then you might want to take a look at what this program has to offer. Best of all its free."

    (the software repository, not the actual cows)

  • Julie Gray

    "To be honest you cannot beat the services or the people that I have dealt with. I will refer everyone I know. Mortgage Manager is great. I don't know what else to say. "

    Julie Gray

  • J. Miller

    "I was somewhat apprehensive about a program that promised what seemed to be too good to be true; especially when I found out how simple and financially painless it was. Anyway, I got the Mortgage Manager Analysis software and ran the numbers on my mortgage. I was astounded!
    I was also somewhat perturbed that I hadn't looked into this more carefully before. I am ashamed to admit I had heard about such a strategy years ago and thought it was a gimmick.
    When I started the Mortgage Manager Program I was already years into my mortgage and only saved about $20K in interest. Had I started sooner I would have saved four times that amount and would have paid off my mortgage years earlier!
    After my experience with Mortgage Manager, I cannot imagine why anyone, and I mean ANYONE, with a conventional mortgage would not sign up for their program.
    If you pay off a conventional mortgage according to the normal payment schedule, you are literally flushing tens of thousands of dollars down the toilet, as well as prolonging the pain of mortgage payments years longer than necessary.
    I highly recommend this program to everyone who has a mortgage.
    Enrolling with Mortgage Manager likely will be one of the smartest financial decisions most people will ever make in their lifetime. It certainly was for me."

    J. Miller
    President & CEO
    Acellus Com., Inc.
    Sagle, ID