How Much Can You Save With The Mortgage Manager?

Here's an example of the benefits you could receive by using our Free service on a 30 yr. $100,000.00 mortgage at 10.5%

A typical 30 year mortgage.....
100K loan @ 10.5% interest, $1000.00 monthly

Without Our Service

With Our FREE Service

Years to pay



Interest Savings



Monthly Payments Saved



Total Savings



Equity 5 years



Equity 10 years



Balance Due



Average Monthly Savings



Average Yearly Savings



Cash available after 23.3 years (based on a 10% investment)



Without increasing monthly payments amount or changing the current mortgage agreement, our free service will save homeowners $83,835 in interest increasing the total savings to $102,451. Shortening the length of the mortgage allowing you to own your home free and clear while building equity 300% faster increasing the net worth by $63,740.

Based on this comparison , here's a few simple questions to ask yourself...

Would you rather...
A. Pay 30 years of monthly mortgage payment OR...
B. Use our FREE service and own your home in just 20.7 years?

Wouldn't it be nice to get rid of 112 monthly mortgage payments?

10 years from today, would you rather...
A. Have just $8,378.00 in equity OR...
B. Use our FREE service and and have $29,703.00?

If you moved in 10 years, an extra $21,325.00 would come in handy, wouldn't it?

In 20.7 years, would you rather...
A. Still owe $63,740.00 on your mortgage OR...
B. Use our FREE service and owe NOTHING!

Would you rather...
A. Make monthly mortgage payments yourself and save NOTHING OR...
B. Use our FREE service and save $102,451.00?

Can you think of better things to do with $102,451 than give it to your mortgage lender?

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