Easy To Follow Directions

With or without a computer our mortgage analyis service and hi-tech mortgage payment service is available to anyone with a mortgage loan and for those that have refinanced with 2nd or 3rd loans on their property(s). Print and use this page as a guide as well as following the active links for the best results.

Step One
Process your mortgage analysis using any one(1) of the following three (3) options:
Free Option-
1.Click here then select Option two to “do it yourself” by downloading our very user friendly software. You’ll view a short presentation as well as examine your mortgage loan(s) and show you using easy to understand terminology how much money you can save by setting up a biweekly payment arrangement.
Paid Options-
2.Click here then select Option one to have our specialist(s) do it for you. Pay $15.99 per analysis and submit your information online via the online form placed within the site. Experienced specialists will expertly prepare and process your information using our state of the art technology. This is a faster option for processing your mortgage analysis.
3.Click here for a downloadable mortgage analysis questionaire that’s available to you on this site for mailing in along with your preferred form of payment. Your mortgage is analysis based on the provided information shown on the submitted questionaire and is returned to you at that name and mailing address.

Now that you’ve become aware of the vast savings available to you by simply restructuring your mortgage payment and paying only one half of your monthly mortgage payment every 14 days; your smartest move is to apply now. This is truly one of those instances where time and money is on your side when used properly. We can help you do that.

Step Two
Get your application for the Biweekly Payment Service using one (1) of the three (3) options below:
1. A printable sign-up form is available for those that complete the viewing of short presentation within our free downloadable software.
2. Click here for a downloadable sign-up form that has been placed online for those who are aware of this type of service and desire faster processing.
3. Using a fax machine and dialing 1-888-265-4266 instantly delivers an application with our Fax On Demand Service available 24hrs dailey, 7 days wkly.

Step Three
Click any of the links here to review the Help Desk Options area to clarify any questions that may come to mind, along with our Privacy Statement, and BBB business status reference. Unaddressed questions are answerable anytime via our Live Customer Support found throughout the site.

Step Four
You will receive a letter via US postal welcoming you into the program. It will clearly explain to you when your service cycle will begin along with all account information for verification purposes, payment amount(s), dates, and all toll free customer service contact phone numbers and addresses. Until this notice is received, please continue making your regular mortgage payment. The processing cycle after submitting your application will take roughly 4 weeks to give you time to prepare for the transition.