Mail or Fax Your Mortgage Analysis Form

To find out how much money you will save by switching to a biweekly payment arrangement regarding your monthly mortgage payment choose one of the following options below which consists of a printed analysis prepared for you by one of our specialists. This analysis will explain your savings in terms using numerical comparisons. You can build up a hefty investment and also have thousands of dollars on top of owning your home free and clear.


our specialist will do the analyzsis for you

Pay for and submit your information online to have your mortgage analyzed by our specialist using the form placed within this site. The cost for use of this service is $15.99 and paid online using After making your payment an online form will automatically appear. Answer all questions completely; and don't forget to include your tracking number also called your "Clickbank receipt number". To submit your application simply click the "Submit" button found at the end of the form. A personalized mortgage analysis will then arrive at your email address within 48hrs. This service is the same as the mail-in option but completely processed through the internet by email. Click here or the image in the upper left hand corner to select "Option One".


here is a printable mail in mortgage analysis application

Mail the downloadable mortgage analysis questionaire/form available on this site along with your preferred form of payment (check or money order) for $15.99 per mortgage analysis. Your mortgage analysis is based on the provided information shown on the questionaire and is returned at the provided name and mailing address. To download a printable analysis form to fill in and then submit to us along with your payment via US postal. Click here or click the image to the left to select "Option Two".