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Top Questions About Our Service
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1. Who is Information Brokerage Systems and what kind of people will be managing my mortgage?
2. How long am I committed to your service? What if I decide to try it, but later change my mind?
3. Is my mortgage payment protected with your service?
4. I’ve heard of this service before, but it was never free. How can you provide so much at not cost?
5. Can I do the same thing myself without your service?
6. I’ve contacted my mortgage lender and they said they would not accept electronic biweekly payments, so how can you do it?
7. I’m on a tight budget paying my bills at the last possible minute. Can I still enjoy these savings?
8. What effect will your service have on my ability to deduct interest payments on my taxes?
9. Can you show me a chart of a regular monthly mortgage without this free service?
10. Show me a comparison of what I’ll pay if I stay on my current payment structure vs. what I could save if I were to use this free service?
11. Do you have references with expert opinions regarding biweekly mortgage services?
12. I don’t have a computer and want to do a mortgage analysis. Do you have a mail in form available?


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